Wednesday night and all is quiet

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o it has been a lovely day today the temperature has been in the early 20’s and the wind has been calm.  Working from home I am able to be close to my family through the day and you can watch the things they do whether they have two legs or four ie wife and Labradors.

This is probably the first real day of the year that I have noticed our Labrador Retrievers suffering in the sun as no matter the weather they want to be with you all the time even if they are sweltering outside.

The thing is at lunch time I had to pop out to post a letter and even I made sure I wore a hat to ensure that I didn’t get a burnt head.  Imagine my annoyance to see at least three dog owners walking their dogs in the mid day sun.  Now they reckon if you put your hand on tarmac and cant hold it there for more than a couple of seconds due to the heat imagine what it is going to be like for a dog having their pads on there for a couple of miles or so.

I did want to stop and pull these people up about what they are doing and try to educate them as to a better way of doing things.  My experience however is that people never take the advice in the spirit it is intended ie the welfare of the dog and take it as a slight on their character.

So all I can do about this is to ensure my daily routine is amended to ensure our pack are not exercised in this heat.  To this end I spent ten minutes or so re-arranging my calendar for the next couple of months booking in early morning and evening walks.  With my schedule at the moment building our business time is very scarce but not at the detriment of the woofers.  The thing is it is amazing how calming walking the dogs down the woofers can be and sometimes it is what you need after spending the last six hours looking at a computer screen.

I must admit I am now looking forward to a walk around one of the woods near us tomorrow morning, yes getting up at 5am is early but if I was travelling up to London for work I would have to be leaving at this sort of time so it isn’t that much of a chore.  Don’t get me wrong herding four Labradors into the van at that time of the morning is only achievable after my first cup of coffee and notbefore.

As I type away this evening it is quite strange as normally I have at least one dog under my desk snoring away but tonight all the Labradors are in other parts of the house although I did find one in a bed in the kitchen and just hope that I remembered to close our bedroom door and the rest are not on our bed.

Yes I love our dogs but Labrador is not as soft and fluffy as you think it is although is better than finding dog slobber.  So I have just been out to the van emptied the back of some rubbish that was going to be taken down the tip and now cant wait for the mornings walk.

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