Walking the Woofers over the weekend

[dropcap]S[/dropcap]o in the UK we just had the late May Bank Holiday and managed to get a number of lovely walks in at our local woods in Swansea. Now I now that sometimes needs must and you have to lead walk your Labrador on the streets but there is nothing like letting your dog get out into the true outdoors and really let lose.

Now our dogs have a really good recall and are generally really well behaved, when it comes to going out in the van though its like Jekyll and Hyde as our bitch Lillie and Ronnie get really dominant over their brothers and really pick on them.

The noise that they make running to the van is not pretty but the ironic thing is that when they get back to the house in a couple of hours time the are all cwtched up together which just goes to show excitement can change the dynamic of a pack.

The place that we really enjoy taking the Labradors is called Penllergare Valley Woods and in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries they formed the Penllergare estate owned by John Dilwyn Llewellyn and was considered once one of the great gardens of Britain.

Unfortunately this estate fell into disrepair and it is only relatively recently that a Trust has been formed to bring the gardens back intouse.  There are over 12km of woodland paths that are supplements with lakes, bridges and even a stunning waterfall.

I have been visiting these woods for over 8 years on and off and it has been lovely to see the opening of paths, the de-silting of the upper lake and even the installation of the Archimedes screw in the upper lake to regulate the flow of water.


Now I wish that I had a better eye for wild life but even I have been able to observe birds of prey perching on fence posts and even heron type birds walking around in the shallows of the lake.  It is surprising how many of your troubles you can work out when you sitting on one of the many benches in the woods as all of the lovely scenery around you truly puts things in perspective.


The thing is it doesn’t matter how lovey the scenery is when walking your dog it is the the people that you meet walking around that canPenllergare Valley Woodstruly make or break a place.  What I mean by this is that if there are others with dogs who do not respect the etiquette of meeting others tempers can flare even in a mild mannered Labrador.

I have got to say that in the time that I been visiting Penllergare Valley Woods I have only had one serious instance where a dog off the lead swam across the river and attacked one of our dogs, despite this aggression our “Ginge” would not fight back but then did the owner do anything to call back his dog and didn’t even offer an apology when it got off eventually.

I later found out that I was not the first person to have a problem with this owner/dog.  The thing is only last weekend we met a gentleman with a Malamute who had a muzzle on and even though I was out walking our his dog was fine.  This person obviously knows that his dog sometimes has issues he stops a problem from happening by putting the muzzle on.  Now the dog was lovely very happy and friendly but I was more impressed with its owners level of responsibility and thought no less of either through the use of the muzzle.


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