Charlie “The Ginge” Smith

So Charlie is currently the old man of our pack of Labradors and even though he doesn’t assert himself he is the Alpha even though at times he acts like Scooby Doo. Like a lot of Labradors Charlie doesn’t have a nasty bone in his body and I don’t know what it is about him but everyone truly loves him.

Even my nephew who is at times a little un-sure of himself smiles when he see’s him which reminds me that I need to go up and see him taking Charlie with me. Even though people seem to love him, he does seem to get picked on by other dogs as he has been attacked at least twice where he has needed to go to the vets. The thing is with Charlie very similarly to our old Labrador Guinness he will fight back.

Dont get me wrong he does have his stupid moments where he barks at another dog, spins around and whimpers but that is all an act to get some attention and some play time. With Charlie he does seem to draw strange friends we do see quite a few pugs when we are out and about and they all tend to take a shine to him. My thoughts are that these Pugs look at him and think that they are the same breed as him and perhaps when they grown older they may get to his size.

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