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October 24, 2016
lillie queen bee

Lillie PuppyI am not sure if my decision to get a new puppy was the best one but my logic is as follows; our oldest Labrador Guinny was starting to look really old and an Charlie our current puppy annoying him isn’t really fair.

So my thought was that if we got another puppy then it could bond with Charlie meaning that Guinny would get some peace and quiet.

We did try the Lab Rescue route but at the time there weren’t any local pups that needed to be re-homed so I found a family in Ammanford that had a last remaining pup for sale.

Now Lillie as she was to be known was 12 weeks old because the people were going to have her had asked for to be kept for an extra couple of weeks while they sorted stuff out and then at the last minute changed their mind.Lillie and Charlie

Seeing Lillie was totally different to when we visited Charlie and Marley in that where as the boys were stumbling around Lillie was running around the garden, climbing banks of grass and annoying the chickens.

To be honest I know that Jan did not take Lillie straight away as she was a fair size and not the typical small bundle of cuteness that you would expect.  When we picked up Lillie she was just over twelve weeks old and you just don’t realise how quickly these pups can grow in a spate of just four weeks.

With Charlie and Marley we had them early than advised because the breeders had problems and they weren’t that active, whereas with Lillie she was a speed demon running all round the place.

In my opinion though it seemed fated that she was the one for us as Guinness was the last left in his litter and being a bitch would probably rule the roost with the boys that we had at home.


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