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October 24, 2016
Charlie and Marley

Charlie and Marley PuppiesSo where do I start with Charlie and Marley well Jan’s eldest had her puppy took off her by her boyfriend when they split up and the last thing you need when you are studying for your university final year exams is to go through the anguish of missing a puppy.

There isn’t a lot that you can say to anyone who has lost a dog for any reason so it seemed down to us to try and sort out the situation, my initial suggestion was to say that when exams were over that we would find a new puppy to replace the old one.

I know that the old pup will never be forgotten but even that idea did not seem to be enough so I started the search for a new pup  trying to avoid the less than reputable puppy farms that are well established in West Wales.

charlie and marley Puppies in the basketI managed to find a litter relatively close to us with most of the litter still available meaning that there would be plenty of choice puppy wise.  So we went up to see the litter and a puppy was chosen and for me I thought now all sorted.

What I hadn’t taken into consideration was brotherly jealousy as when we went up to see the pups again the comment was made saying if my sister can have a pup then why cant I have one.

Now I thought I had perfect answer by saying that our youngest would have to ask his mum and that the decision would be hers.  So when we got back to our house over lunch all of the kids/grancharlie eatingdkids kept asking about having a puppy to keep Guinness our older Black Labrador company.

Imagine my surprise to hear Jan giving in and agreeing if there was a suitable puppy available then yes we could have one.  Because the pups were still only around five weeks old my thought was that we still had another three – four weeks but that went all wrong.

The trouble was that the breeders had a death in the family so we ended up having the pups at seven weeks old and as you can see from the picture at the top of the page neither of the brothers were particularly big.


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