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October 24, 2016
Double Trouble Puppies

Ronnie and Reggie Puppies PickupIt is definitely true that you can start a day with plans all set for them to be turned totally upside down at the slightest thing.  This is basically what happened with our new puppies Ronnie & Reggie in that after Jan decided that she wanted a puppy it was my job to find the right litter for us which I managed to do just outside Llandovery in Carmarthenshire.


Despite the fact that the breeders lived on a small holding I ensured I done my due diligence to ensure they weren’t puppy farmers both by searching for their phone number, email address and postal address online and also when we went to the property to look for signs of other dogs being bred.Bellies fed and Fast asleep Puppies

It is mad how the mere mention of a puppy and all of a sudden family members want to come with you to have a look at them.  So when we went to look at the pups there was me, Jan, youngest son and his girlfriend and even our grandson.  Up until this point everything was going to plan but the problem happened when we got there in that there  were only a couple of pups left both of which were equally lovely.
Now the problem begins in that as the pup was to be Jan’s she just couldn’t make her mind up as to which pup she wanted, so the logical decision was to NOT decide and to have two of them.  So double trouble and also twice the price so I had to find the nearest cash point which isn’t easy in “wildest” Carmarthenshire while Jan and the kids bonded with the pups.
When we got home our oldest was not surprised at the outcome of bringing two home with us as both he and I know how much Jan’s heart melts when she sees puppies and that there is a recurring theme with going out for one and coming home with two namely Charlie and Marley.
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