Guinness - Labrador Retriever

I had always wanted a dog of my own but particular circumstances meant that it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I was in the right place to own my first dog.

I tried initially to do the right thing and get a dog from the local RSPCA  but for whatever reason they deemed that I wasn’t the right fit to have a dog from them despite having a secure garden, someone being home in the day etc.

Because of this I decided that perhaps a puppy would be better in that we could both learn together as despite being used to dogs I had never had to train one so this was going to be all new to me.

The choice of breed was really difficult in that I had friends with Spaniels and German Shepherds but wanted a pup that would match my personality and level of knowledge.  I hate to admit but my choice was based on television viewing in that at the time the Andrex Puppy Labrador was all over the TV and as such after looking on the kennel club website decided that this was the breed for me.


I managed to find a breeder in the Welsh valleys who had a litter that had been home reared so I could be certain that this wasn’t a Puppy Farm and decided to go visit the family.

Guinness in the kitchenNow if you have ever been up close to a Black Labrador Pup you will realise that they are just like baby seals and are absolutely gorgeous.  There was only one pup left in the litter and I realised as soon as I started playing and holding him that there was no way that I was going to be able to leave without him.

I should have however realised that perhaps Labradors aren’t as innocent and cute as they look on the TV when he started to try and eat my cars keys.  The important thing to realise about Labradors in that they are working dogs and need to be stimulated both mentally and physically.

Unfortunately we lost Guinny in 2013 and both myself and Jan were terribly upset and to this day I still feel guilty about the fact that perhaps I didn’t do enough for him and perhaps the vet could have done some more tests on him to work out what was wrong.

The thing is that would have been selfish of me prolonging his life for my own benefit and I would like to think that we done the best for him at the end.  All I can hope is that I gave Guinny the best life that I could spoiling him at every opportunity as he was such a brilliant pal and always stayed by my side.



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