charlie on the beach

Pembrey Park Labrador Dog Walk

So this week has been pretty eventful in that my work has meant that I have not been out walking the Labradors as often as I would have liked and have had to rely on Jan to take up the slack when I have not been around.  From this week however as part of my […]

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Lillie after playing in the Mud

Walking the Woofers over the weekend

So in the UK we just had the late May Bank Holiday and managed to get a number of lovely walks in at our local woods in Swansea. Now I now that sometimes needs must and you have to lead walk your Labrador on the streets but there is nothing like letting your dog get out […]

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charlie and lillie cwtching

Wednesday night and all is quiet

So it has been a lovely day today the temperature has been in the early 20’s and the wind has been calm.  Working from home I am able to be close to my family through the day and you can watch the things they do whether they have two legs or four ie wife and […]

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Charlie and Marley

New Puppies – Charlie & Marlie

So where do I start with Charlie and Marley well Jan’s eldest had her puppy took off her by her boyfriend when they split up and the last thing you need when you are studying for your university final year exams is to go through the anguish of missing a puppy. There isn’t a lot […]

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lillie queen bee

New Puppy Edition – Lillie

I am not sure if my decision to get a new puppy was the best one but my logic is as follows; our oldest Labrador Guinny was starting to look really old and an Charlie our current puppy annoying him isn’t really fair. So my thought was that if we got another puppy then it could […]

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Double Trouble Puppies

New Puppies – Ronnie & Reggie

It is definitely true that you can start a day with plans all set for them to be turned totally upside down at the slightest thing.  This is basically what happened with our new puppies Ronnie & Reggie in that after Jan decided that she wanted a puppy it was my job to find the right […]

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Guinness in the kitchen


I had always wanted a dog of my own but particular circumstances meant that it wasn’t until I was in my 30’s that I was in the right place to own my first dog. I tried initially to do the right thing and get a dog from the local RSPCA  but for whatever reason they […]

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